SUDS for Chinbrook Meadows Update

This scheme has been planned for several years and now has the go-ahead so Thames 21, who are managing the plan, are wanting to share information and hear people’s opinions and concerns. Look out for further information about consultation opportunities soon.

Here is some information from Thames 21

The project was identified by members of the local community, who noticed a foul smell coming from Grove Park Ditch, which runs south of the railway line. To improve the water quality of the ditch – and subsequently the River Quaggy because the ditch feeds into the Quaggy – the ditch’s flow will be diverted through a series of wetland ponds. Not only will this help to treat the pollution, but it will also create a place for people to connect with nature through the bridges, paths and interpretation boards that will be present throughout the site, and it will importantly provide new important wetland habitat for wildlife.

We are hoping to run several events in the park over the summer to raise awareness of the project and listen to people’s suggestions and concerns. During these events, we also want to provide volunteering opportunities through activities like water quality testing and insect surveys (as well as planting in the later stages of the project).

Our suggested dates will hopefully be approved soon by the Park Managers, at which point we can let you know when the events will be happening if you are interested – so please do send an email to me at to register your interest. Please also feel free to share this around with anyone else you think would be interested.

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