Keeping fit

  • Fitness equipment is installed around the park. This was funded by a Lottery “Community Spaces” grant and the Local Assembly and we hope that people will really enjoy using it to improve their fitness. It provides opportunities to improve upper and lower body strength and work on balance and core body muscles. Our next plan is to get fitness trainers offering regular sessions for park users and provide online and printed fitness training ideas. Watch this space! There is a link provided to NHS podcasts for park fitness ideas
  • Outdoor gym equipment situated by the multi-sports and tennis courts offer a range of mechanised stations for fitness work.
  • Local football teams play regularly
  • A cricket square is available for junior cricket teams. This was funded by the local Assembly and funding from L and Q Housing Association has enabled us to install cricket nets.
  • Healthy Walks group
  • Nature’s Gym and Rivers and People, volunteer sessions (link to website)
  • Green Chain walk (link to website)

2 thoughts on “Keeping fit

  1. Dear Friends of Chinbrook Meadows. I was hoping to find on your website at the top of the Friends of Chinbrook Meadows Home page “contact”. Never mind , now I have found this form o emailing…a reply tothe Keep fit Page [?] I will venture to ask if you have had, or plan o have Tai Chi classes in Chinbrook Meadows?
    Also do you need a person to update your Webpage? I ventured to your Park last Saturday to meeet potential keen cyclists willing to for a cycling group in Grove Park. I noticed there were litter icking devices by the cafe and a note encouraging people to join in. Would have been great if it had been a feature on your website! e are all looking for worthy things to do, durong Lockdown
    Patricia Lower

    • Hi Patricia, You can email us at The email address is in the blog but I need to make it a bit more obvious, sorry! Tai Chi and cycling are both great ideas and thanks for your interest in the litter picking. I was keeping the litter pickers fairly low key to start with but people seem quite keen so I could probably advertise it a bit more now. Thanks for your interest

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