Buds, birds and beasts

Chinbrook Meadows is a rich and diverse place for all kinds of wildlife. In winter there is a little egret that comes to visit so look out for it. If you are interested to know what else you might see the link below will provide a list:

Birds in Chinbrook Meadows

In April 2023 FOCM ran a pond dipping event and, with help from Emily Millhouse, Glendale’s Conservation Officer, we found 20 species. Here is the list below;

Smooth newts
Common frog tadpoles
X2 adult common frogs on land nearby
Cased caddisfly larvae
Water fleas
Freshwater shrimp
Freshwater hoglouse
Ramshorn snail eggs
Diving beetles
Swimming mayfly nymphs
Greater water boatmen
Pond skaters (seen, not netted)
Water mites
Mosquito larvae
Non-biting midge larvae

Please let us know what you have seen

Listen out for the first cuckoo –


This is the cuckoo flower, also known as ladies smock, which was photographed at the edge of one of the ponds on 12th May. It is said to be called cuckoo flower because it comes out when the first cuckoos can be heard, not such a common sound these days.

Terrapin takes to life in the Quaggy


I found this terrapin in the Quaggy in April 2017. It seemed healthy and happy so I left it there but later learnt that they have a reputation for eating all small native wildlife. The terrapin was found again the following week and rehoused through an animal rescue centre.


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