Lewisham Green Spaces Forum

There is a dedicated Lewisham Green Spaces Forum blog: https://lewishamparksforum.wordpress.com/

The Forum, now known as Lewisham Green Spaces Forum, was formed in January 2014, and originally called Lewisham Parks Forum.  The group aims to address issues relating to Lewisham’s open spaces and is made of representatives from the various Friends’ groups in the borough.
The Aims of the group are:

a) To protect & promote green spaces
b) To improve & enhance the quality of green spaces
c) To improve staffing & management of the borough’s green spaces
d) To ensure involvement of Friends/ Users groups as partners in the management of our Borough’s parks & public green spaces
e) To encourage use and appreciation of our parks and open spaces
Current members:
Friends of:

Albion Millenium Gardens, Beckenham Place Park, Blythe Hill Fields, Brookmill Park, Chinbrook Meadows, Deptford Park, Eckington Gardens, Folkestone Gardens, Fordham Park, Forster Memorial Gardens, Hilly Fields, Ladywell Fields, Manor House Gardens, Manor Park, Mayow Park, Mountsfield Park, Sydenham Wells Park
Telegraph Hill.
Additional open spaces and nature reserves; Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries, Devonshire Road, Downham Woodland Walk, Frendsbury Gardens, Garthorne Road Nature Reserve.

Further information about Lewisham’s Parks can be found on:


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