ChART’s new plan

Chinbrook Meadows is THE key green space covered by the ChART Big Local funding.

A new plan is being put together for spending over the next two years. The plan includes a variety of initiatives that have come from local consultation and surveys but you can have further input by completing this survey

Hard copies of the draft plan will be available to see at the CHART stand at the Grove Park carnival 12-13th August

Our monthly work session

Thanks to all our workers today, helping keep Chinbrook Meadows flourishing..

We had a handful of little litter pickers and some sturdy adults tackling the nettles, willow and brambles.




A fallen tree that was threatening to cause a dam in the stream was cleared and a good patch of undergrowth cleared to let the light in for less thuggish plants. If you walk up the hill towards Elmstead Woods you will benefit from the work done by Margaret and Annette to clear the nettles and brambles from the path edge.

Come and join us for the next session on 26th August at 11 am

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good –

We have a lovely new bench on the hill towards Mayeswood Road entrance, paid for through local assembly funding. It is situated in a great spot for a view across the park and offers a welcome resting place for those struggling up the hill to get back home after enjoying the park.


The Bad – We had a pollution problem in the Quaggy on Tuesday, noted by one of our vigilant dog walkers early in the morning. It was quite localised and luckily, with the rain coming at just the right time, it seems to have been washed away without doing too much harm





The Ugly – Like so many of our local parks we are having real difficulty keeping the litter problem under control. While it is great to see more and more people use the parks we really want to cut down on the litter problem. We have put up some posters to encourage people to take rubbish and recycling home if they can. I’m not sure if it will help.

We still have many open bins and foxes and other wildlife love to get in and rummage around for food scraps, the result is not pretty and encourages more littering as people can’t see the point of bothering to get to a bin.


Float Your Boats

A Great Get Together event in the park organised by QWAG. We created a flotilla of home made boats on the Quaggy on 18th June. People from many different parts of our community came together for a fun event, some brought boats they had created with care and dedication at home and others came and had a go at creating one on the spot with materials provided. I think Manor Park and Ladywell Fields, who also had events over the weekend, may have had better water flow than us but we didn’t mind, just getting our boats to float was cause for celebration!

A water related event was a fitting tribute to the MP Jo Cox as she had lived on a house boat on the Thames. Our event made its own contribution to the nationwide pronouncement that we have more in common than divides us.