We had a great few hours; ChART, Thames 21 and FOCM, working together in the park. Lawrence and Vic from Thames 21 set up a stall to discuss the designs and plans for the new Sustainable Drainage Scheme with local people.( You can find the SUDS designs under the Natural History heading) Meanwhile Friends of Chinbrook Meadows and ChART got together to paddle in the Quaggy and do some pond dipping with park users. The biggest excitement of the day for me was catching a stone loach, the biggest I have ever seen in our part of the river. Just so as you don’t think I am spinning the usual fisherman’s yarn here is a picture of it with a handy 10p for comparison.stone-loach-found-in-quaggy

Pond Dipping once more

It’s great to be exploring our pond once more. Even though it is very overgrown at the moment, with all the recent rain, there was plenty to dip our nets in and we were well rewarded.
We had water scorpion3RCU10

and young newts 3RCU09

sticklebacks, snails, leeches, shrimps, water boatmen, pond skaters, water louse and all kinds of larvae.

Some of the group got wading for a thorough litter pick and others enjoyed exploring the pond life3RCU033RCU13