Ready for Action

Mrs Rita Barnes, founder member of FOCM, cut the ribbon to launch our new outdoor gym and we were joined by Year 8 girls from Haberdasher’s Aske’s Knights Academy¬† to celebrate and try out the new equipment.

Students and adults soon got involved and found the equipment could be as challenging as you make it, everyone can work at their own pace.

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Big thanks to Tescos Bags of Help and London Marathon Charitable Trust for funding our new gym, we are delighted with it.



Chinbrook Outdoor Gym

The new outdoor gym in Chinbrook Meadows is coming VERY soon! Work starts on 13th November and, by the end of November you will be welcome to come and try out the equipment. There will be scope for complete beginners, and more advanced exercisers so there is no excuse not to give it a go. Funding for the gym came from Tescos Bags of Help and the London Marathon Trust. The equipment will be provided and installed by The Great Outdoor Gym Company TGOGC. There will be free training sessions in the future too, funded by ChART. More information to come.