Fitness event


Our fitness event on Sunday went really well despite the weather not being the expected wall-to-wall sunshine. We had about 100 people taking part when in full swing. We are very grateful to all those who helped make the day lively and enjoyable;                                Teach Sport  Millwall Community Team Marvels Lane Children’s Centre with “Little Me, Big You” Stelios demonstrating Tai Chi (email: Miss Danni with her dance groups

It was great to have the cricket strip in action.

Millwall Community instructors worked with different groups throughout the day

Football with Millwall June 2013

Dance demo, June 2013 with "Get Dan n Dance"Tai Chi with Stelios

We were really glad to have groups demonstrate their particular skills;Stelios and some of his members showed us Tai Chi and Miss Danni’s dance groups showed both ballet and street dance forms.

Family Fitness obstacle course

Adults and children had a go at the obstacle courses set up and run by Teach Sport, and there was one dog who was 3 months too soon for the dog show!

No, not the dog show yet!