Get your trainers ready!

We have now got £20,000 to spend on an outdoor gym in our park. Tescos Bags of Help awarded us £12,000 earlier this year and we now have an additional £8,000 from The London Marathon Charitable Trust to add. When we have carried out surveys in the park, an outdoor gym was one of the top additions that people wanted, so we are thrilled that we will soon be able to realise that dream.

We think our project really fits the expectations of the Trust to get people more active The Trust aims to help people to “build physical activity into their daily lives” and “encourage and support people who are currently inactive to participate regularly in physical activity”.

Be patient while we get everything in place but we look forward to seeing you in the park, ready for action, in the near future.

Nature Club

A great turn out on a lovely day for two hours of fun and learning in the park last week. A new Nature Club has started, organised by ChART and offering activities for all ages. There were about 40 people taking part, exploring the park, the ponds, river and wildlife.Keep a look out for more sessions during the holidays and on Saturdays in the future


It’s great to be able to walk along the new, smooth path in the park.  I don’t need to keep my eyes on the ground to avoid tripping up on the uneven surface but can look up and admire the new spring growth on the poplar trees, a wonderful yellowy green of young leaf.