ChART’s Nature Club

Scavenging and creating in the woods today. Everyone enjoyed being out in the leaf strewn woods on an Autumn day.


Apple Fun Palace 2017

Here are some photos from our Apple “Fun Palace“. Lots of people came and everyone told us how much they enjoyed the afternoon. We had music and “yarn bombing”, apple tasting, apple juicing and apple bobbing. We sketched and created “nature prints”. We watched and learned about our local bees. We relaxed in the lovely orchard and had tea¬† and cake – that was apple cake, of course, provided by our park cafe. We will definitely be doing this again next year!


Celebrate our orchard

We are joining up with ChART and Chinbrook Meadows Allotments to celebrate our young orchard with an “Apple Fun Palace” on 7th October 1.30-4.00

We planted our 20 strong apple orchard back in 2013 with funding from the Tree Council¬†“Orchard Windfalls” grant and our trees are growing in strength. If you don’t know where it is maybe you have never been on the other side of the railway line! Go through the tunnel towards Bromley and the orchard is there on the left.

Our event is part of the Fun Palaces weekend joining their campaign by bringing the community together to share and create. There will be yarn bombing around the trees, apple pressing and tasting, apple bobbing, music, learning about bees and using beeswax to make candles.

Worried there will be no apples on our trees?….The allotments have a much more mature orchard and will be providing extra apples for the day.

Don’t know how to knit or crochet?……. There are lots of ways to be creative with wool and there will be experienced wool workers on hand. Feel free to make some pieces to bring along on the day. There will be other ways to be creative on the day.

Worried we will damage the trees?….. We will be working our creations in to the tree guards for maximum effect.


ChART’s new plan

Chinbrook Meadows is THE key green space covered by the ChART Big Local funding.

A new plan is being put together for spending over the next two years. The plan includes a variety of initiatives that have come from local consultation and surveys but you can have further input by completing this survey

Hard copies of the draft plan will be available to see at the CHART stand at the Grove Park carnival 12-13th August