Apple Day

Our Apple Day is back on 23rd! Please come and join us to celebrate our lovely orchard. Apple cakes, apple pressing, apple tasting, apple games…get the picture! See you there

Also a chance to see our wonderful new mural on the foot tunnel, created by Artmongers for us. If you have not been before, our orchard is tucked away on the Bromley side of the railway, near Portland Road entrance (BR1 5BB). If you come from Amblecote Road entrance follow the signs.

Back in Action!

Join us this weekend for our first weekend work session – August 28th, 11.00-13.00. Meet at the cafe.

It has been a long time and I know how much everyone has appreciated our wonderful park through these difficult months so come and show it some love at the weekend. We will do litter picking in those hard to reach corners. We may also weed round the orchard trees and, if anyone wants a proper workout, we can move some logs!

Water me, please!

Our established apple orchard now has two young cherry trees in their midst and they will need plenty of water during the year to help them get settled in. Please help if you can. Bring some water from home or pop down to the Quaggy and fill a bucket or two – great way to keep fit! Make it a team effort or, if you are feeling more competitive, who will be the first to get a full bucket of water to the tree from the stream? Let us know any schemes and strategies you develop. Thank you

Benches – Some you win, some you lose

The Lewisham Greening Fund has provided us with some great new benches for the park. The playground had the two picnic benches replaced with some sturdy new ones.

For those that venture up the slope, along the Green Chain Walk towards Elmstead Woods, they will be able to enjoy a new resting place at the edge of the park, at the top of the hill. The view is more obscured than it used to be as trees have grown up on the slope considerably but it I think it will be a popular spot to take a break along the way.

Bench installed February 2021

Expanse of sky, view north from bench

Unfortunately it is not all good news on the bench front – The warmer weather has brought picnicers and barbequers to the park and some do not realise (or don’t care) that a disposable barbeque will burn the surface underneath.

Cherries for our orchard

We have now added two cherry trees to our orchard and look forward to seeing how they blossom and grow.

The trees were donated to FOCM by a family wishing to remember their mother who used to live in Grove Park, in fact, she lived right by the park in Amblecote  Road when she was young! Maybe some of you even remember the Jackson family?

The family have also purchased a plaque which will be attached to the tree and reads as follows;

In loving memory of Barbara Rivers (nee Jackson)

The kiss of the sun for pardon,

The song of the birds for mirth,

One is nearer God’s heart in a garden

Than anywhere else on earth


Below is a photo of Barbara Jackson as she was aged seven.

First flood of the season

The rain has come and quickly changed the look of the Quaggy as it flows through the park

A number of the paths are flooded too which means that boots are the best option for walks. For those that use the park as a route from Mayeswood Road to Grove Park it is best to use the path that goes along by the railway line as this is passable at the moment. However if there is much more rain this path will be under water too so keep a look out!

At the moment the park is doing its job as a flood catchment area, protecting housing downstream, and the water quickly recedes after rain but I am sure some local residents will be watching anxiously as floods seem to be increasing year on year.

Updated COVID-19 Guidance

Use of our parks – latest guidance July 2020

It is great to see people continuing to use our park in this difficult time and now we can use this wonderful space to meet up with others outside our household but I want to draw your attention to the latest government guidance.

You should only meet people you do not live with in 3 types of groups:

  • you can continue to meet in any outdoor space in a group of up to 6 people from different households
  • single adult households – in other words adults who live alone or with dependent children only – can continue to form an exclusive ‘support bubble’ with one other household
  • you can also meet in a group of 2 households (anyone in your support bubble counts as one household), in any location ‒ public or private, indoors or outdoors. This does not need to be the same household each time.
  • but you should maintain social distancing at all times with people who are not in your household or support bubble

Please find more comprehensive guidance below

You will see that the playgrounds and fitness equipment areas are open again but please be mindful of how you use the equipment, avoiding them if the area is already really busy. Always cleanse and wash your hands frequently to help keep yourselves and others safe.

Our toilets are open at weekends and on Thursdays when the park ranger is onsite ensuring they are kept clean for those that need them.

I would like to add a strong plea that people take home rubbish from the park if they can to dispose of or recycle. Lewisham parks have been suffering from mountains of litter with increased use of the parks. Glendale, our parks management team, are doing their best but there are such increased loads it is hard to keep everything clear.

Our cafe is open for take away and Glen sets up a couple of tables on the grass each so that small groups can sit in comfort at a good distance.



COVID 19 Information

I am attaching here the latest information that was sent through from Glendale Parks Management Team on 16th April

Covid-19 – Parks and Green Spaces Guidance

The Coronavirus has put increased pressure on our parks and green spaces and on those managing them. Across London facilities in parks have been closed (playgrounds, outdoor gyms, public toilets, cafes etc.) and events and activities cancelled, to help curb the spread of Covid-19. We want to strongly encourage appropriate use of parks, within government guidelines, to assist land managers and to help keep our parks open. Hence we are working with land managers, the GLA and London Councils to provide consistent and current guidance and messaging around the use of parks, especially ahead of the Easter break. If you have not already closed your car parks we strongly advise that you do so to discourage people travelling further than their local parks. We recommend the following guidance for park users:

  • Do not visit a park if you have any Symptoms – fever, coughs, shortness of breath or are self-isolating (see NHS guidelines, link below)
  • Stay local and use parks and green spaces close to your home
  • Only go outside alone or with members of your own household
  • Parks should be used for daily exercise or essential travel only. Team sports, social activities (e.g. picnics, play dates etc.) and sunbathing should not be taking place
  • Keep at least 2 metres apart from anyone outside your household at all times:

o   Use all areas of the park, spread out and keep moving

o   If the park is crowded, do not enter if you cannot safely stay at a distance from others, consider exercising in quieter, less-used streets.

  • Gatherings of more than two people in parks or other public spaces have been banned. The Met Police and local authorities and are out in parks urging Londoners to follow this
  • Only use park benches if you need to rest briefly
  • Make use of your garden if you have one to help reduce visits to parks and green spaces, people without gardens may rely on parks more
  • Keep your dog on a lead, at all times, in public spaces to ensure you can safely keep 2 metres away from others
  • Take litter and dog mess home with you
  • Follow hygiene advice when you are outside, avoid touching surfaces and wash your hands as soon as you are back home
  • Do not use areas of the park that have been closed such as play areas – these are closed to stop the possible spread of COVID-19 through touching surfaces and keeping a safe distance from others.

Useful links for further advice:

Advice provided by the Mayor of London

Apple Day – all the usual ingredients and something new

A few photos from our Apple Day this year.


This year we had some “Wild Weavings” on display. In previous years the seniors from W. G. Grace Centre have provided knitted strips for weaving into the tree guards but this year we took it further. As part of Lewisham’s Creative Ageing Festival “Age Against the Machine” we were able to work with artist Shane Waltener to produce these wonderful baskets. We also created a fun apple run, making the re-purposed knitted strips into a long tube to chase apples along.


This event is run by a great partnership – Friends of Chinbrook Meadows, ChART Big Local and the Chinbrook Community Orchard and we are very grateful to all the volunteers who give up time to help run the event.