Benches – Some you win, some you lose

The Lewisham Greening Fund has provided us with some great new benches for the park. The playground had the two picnic benches replaced with some sturdy new ones.

For those that venture up the slope, along the Green Chain Walk towards Elmstead Woods, they will be able to enjoy a new resting place at the edge of the park, at the top of the hill. The view is more obscured than it used to be as trees have grown up on the slope considerably but it I think it will be a popular spot to take a break along the way.

Bench installed February 2021

Expanse of sky, view north from bench

Unfortunately it is not all good news on the bench front – The warmer weather has brought picnicers and barbequers to the park and some do not realise (or don’t care) that a disposable barbeque will burn the surface underneath.

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