Bird life in the park

I am hoping to keep a more regular check on the bird life in Chinbrook Meadows this year. This morning I saw such a great variety I decided to add the list to the blog.  The redwings, that have been winter visitors for the past few years, are back again. You hardly notice them at first against the background of dead leaves at the riverside but, once you look through the binoculars, you can see the beautiful red under-wing and striking markings on their heads. They are getting a feast of worms from under the damp undergrowth. They will be off again soon to return to their breeding grounds in Russia or Scandinavia.

Here’s my list; 27 species for 27th February!

Blackbird, black-headed gull, blue tit, crow, egret, feral pigeon, green woodpecker, great tit, grey wagtail, goldcrest,  goldfinch, jackdaw, jay, log-tailed tit, magpie, nuthatch, parakeet, redwing, robin, siskin, starling, sparrow, sparrowhawk, song thrush, stock dove, wood pigeon, wren.

I frequently see a pair of grey wagtails. They live up to an old country name of “water wagtail” as they are always bobbing along by the water’s edge, wagging their long tails up and down.


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