New SuDS for Chinbrook Meadows

SuDS talk
There was a good turn out this week for a meeting with Lawrence Beale Collins from Thames 21 who outlined the plan to install a sustainable drainage System (SuDS) in Chinbrook Meadows. A tributary, prosaically named the Grove Park Ditch, will be removed from behind Network Rail fencing so that water can run through a series of “pods”. These pools will be planted with native marshland plants that will naturally filter the water so that, by the time the water reaches the Quaggy, it is no longer a pollution hazard.
Designers are working on the plans now and will present it to FOCM and interested locals when it is ready to view. Designs Lawrence showed us of similar schemes really whetted our appetite and we can imagine that it will be a really attractive area for wildlife as well as protecting the stream from pollution.

3 thoughts on “New SuDS for Chinbrook Meadows

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