Riverbank management

I gave a talk at a recent QWAG meeting and enjoyed sharing images of the constantly changing Chinbrook Meadows. Many people are familiar with the contrasts of concrete culvert and naturalised river banks but looking at the changes between 2004 and 2013 shows how the area is continually changing.Quaggy in 2004 Quaggy view 2013We are lucky not to have problems with either of the  invasive species; Himalayan balsam or Japanese knotweed but work is needed on a regular basis, particularly in the main growing season, to help maintain a balance of diverse habitat. Members of FOCM met with Nick Pond, Lewisham Council’s ecological regeneration officer, and Angus Fraser, from Glendale, to discuss next year’s management plan. There are a number of self-seeded willow and alder trees. Some of these will be coppiced this year and some trees near the boardwalk will be crown raised (ie selectively pruned). Park users are keen to maintain easy access to the water too so paths alongside or leading to the water’s edge will be cut in places.


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